This is a beta version of the application for testing purposes.

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72070 Tübingen   

Die Albanian Alps App was financed by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internatonale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) on behalf of the Federal Ministry for International Cooperation of Germany. 

The realisation was supported and coordinated by the following GIZ staff members:
•                 Dr Ralf Peveling (Idea und Concept) 
•                 Shpresa Smajli (national coordinator) 
•                 Hannah Kügler (international staff) 
•                 Bettina Pahlen (literature trail Edith Durham)   

APP Realisation:   
Vor dem Kreuzberg 17, 72070 Tübingen,   

in cooperation with 

Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment in Albania (PPNEA)
Rr. "Vangjush Furxhi" p.16 / sh.1 / a.10 , Tirana, Albania 

Qendra Mjedisore Alpe
Rruga Pal Hasi Nr.13, Njesia 8, Tirane, Albania   

The following individuals contributed to the realisation of the application: 
NACCON  GmbH, NACCON-SYSCOM AL Shpk and Almotech Shpk
Project Coordination, content management and editing 
•        Thomas Wehinger (team leader, editor, author) 
•        Eridjon Haxhia (local coordinator) 
•        Jeta Zhitia (translator, editor, author) 
•        Migena Muka (translator, editor, author) 
•        Eglant Toragjini (GPS, App database) 
•        Dr. Kie Sanada (proof reading) 

Almotech Shpk (Software development)

PPNEA Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment in Albania
•                 Aleksander Trajce (Cultural Points of Interest) 
•                 Bledi Hoxha (Flora and Fauna 
•                 Mirjan Topi (Fauna - Birds) 

Private Consultant
•         Sokol Çekrezi (Images) 
•         Ndoc Mulaj (Natural Points of interest, hiking trail descriptions, Nikaj Mertur text) 
•         Endrit Shima (Text for Peaks of Balkan Trails – Copyrights with GIZ) 
•         Erwin Dervishi (images and text of guest houses)

Images, graphs and figures 
•                 Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
•                 Sokol Çekrezi 
•                 Ndoc Mulaj 
•                 NACCON GmbH   

Text archives
The text of the application is based on already published guidebooks for the Albanian Alps, which were elaborated by many other authors, contracted by GIZ.   

Sound and Recording

Recording studio:___M-PRODUCION 
Sound Engineer:___Adrian Guri,  Moris Rama
English Speaker:___Anxhela Bardhyli
German Speaker:___Ivi Xhufka
Albanian Speaker:___Eglein Lakrori

Gallery and Audio