Language selection for Download (Important to know)

Online use:

You can choose and use the APP in three different languages – Albanian, English and German, when using the APP online. For the offline use, choose one single language, before downloading the content.

Offline use:

You can use the APP offline, if you download the content before using it offline. Before you download the content of the APP onto your device storage, you have to choose the final language for the use of the application. If you want to change the language for the offline use, install new version of the app from the APP store.  


Flip the sidebar by swiping from the left to the right side of your screen.


When you switch the landmark button “on”, the landmark icons will appear on the map. To know more about landmarks, tap on its icon and you will find information in text, images and also sometimes audio files, where you can use as an audio guide. Tap the title of the landmarks to access the list of landmarks. You can also find the specific landmark you are looking for from “the list of landmarks.” Tap the name of landmark to know more about the landmark. When you tap the “Show in MAP” icon that can be found on the top right corner, the location of this landmark will be indicated by an icon centred in the middle of your screen.


Under “More”, you will find additional non-georeferenced information in text and images on various topics. Parts of the content in the chapters under “more” do not provide audio.

Drop down menu:

The drop down menu, on the top right corner with the three points, gives you access to information on Imprint and Credits, Instructions, General Settings, Legal information Settings, the language Setting and the version information.

Gallery and Audio